Vitória, Brazil

Vitoria is one of the oldest cities in Brazil. Founded in 1551, the city brings together ancient traditions as fishermen, potters, and historic churches and modern buildings and monuments, forming a grand and beautiful scenery.

Vitoria is also a good place to live as the Brazilian capital number one in quality of life (IBGE, December, 2009).

The city has expanding tourism, water sports, parks, historical monuments and numerous other opportunities for fun and business. With mild climate (annual average of 23 degrees Celsius), Vitoria is a nice place with trees, green areas distributed among places of recreation and environmental conservation units.

Beautiful beaches, vibrant or more quiet, are part of the city. Vitoria at night offers great movement in several bars, nightclubs and cultural programs of the traditional Teatro Carlos Gomes. Another natural attraction are the “capixabas” (local population), always with open arms and smile in their faces.


Vitoria is a modern, dynamic and growing business area, with excellent logistics infrastructure, service quality and a diverse hotel network.

Vitoria is about 45 minutes from Rio de Janeiro (by plane) and 1 hour from São Paulo, two of the most important cities in the South Hemisphere.

Welcome to Vitória!